Project Managers

VICTOR E. LEWIS - CEO/Managing Director

An entrepreneur, Mr. Lewis is the co-founder of VICRAE INC, and has held the position of Managing Director for the past twelve years. VICRAE INC hosts and is responsible for a variety of emerging artists such as: actor/singer Leon, Junior Kelly, soca sensation Jadine, rising new artist Bushman and Iceland’s newest R&B soul sensation Kenya, and has been accredited with launching the careers of a number of artists. Combining a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the City College of New York, along with his vast knowledge of the entertainment industry, Mr. Lewis has carved an original and impressive niche in the entertainment sector for designing and building new concepts that reach the Caribbean markets. His outstanding contribution and dedication to this industry sector has gained him the esteem and recognition of being known as “the architect of entertainment.” Mr. Lewis has been profiled on “Caribbean Fever” (WBLS Radio), “Lifestyle in Reggae” (BBC-TV), “Good Morning Bremen” (Bremen, Germany TV), “Pat McKay Show” (Sirius Radio), “Rogers Stefan” (INDIE 103.1-FM Radio, LA), “Ragamuffin Show” (KISS-FM Radio) and in “Bringing New Sounds” (VIBE Magazine). In addition to promoting the longest running reggae concert series in New York, Mr. Lewis is recognized throughout the industry, from the United States to Europe, for his event promotions- among them branding, marketing and publicizing exclusive launch events with established record labels such as VP Records, Sony Music and Putumayo.

AUDREY A. ANDERSON - Events Director - Miami Office

Think stunning memorable events …..think Audrey A. Anderson!

Ms. Anderson, a London, England native, has a flair for creating memory etching events since a young age. As a school council representative, she planned dance productions, plays, and concerts. This energetic young woman added leadership skills to expand her reach for mass appeal. This was proven when in the UK, Audrey organized a party and related events for the President of AT&T. With poetic grace, she planned and executed a party for 3000 plus guests at the London Dungeon.

In 1999 Ms. Anderson relocated to Philadelphia, PA and continued her quest for event planning perfection. She created unrivaled work for Silverstorm Technologies. Then, in 2005, she launched Onyx Events and relocated to Pembroke Pines, Florida in order to focus on her mission to “flawlessly please thousands” with her skills. Having Ms. Anderson and Onyx Events is having it ALL! She brings a European touch, as well as being dynamically savvy in all cultures and traditions.

Her positions as Executive Assistant to presidents and directors of various corporations in the UK and USA, and currently an Events Director/Consultant for VicRae, Inc, Audrey knows the corporate structure and disciplines. This clearly gives every client an advantage for a memorable experience that will last a lifetime!

Here are some highlights of Ms. Anderson’s work:


Michael Jordan Golf Celebrity Invitational 2008-2010, Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau
Event Consultant for JURA (Jamaican United Relief Association), Florida
“Feel Good Girl” Book Release, New York
Own Your Power Retreat, Miami 2007
Give & Take Network Events, Miami SOL Film Festival, Norfolk, Virginia
Black Film and Media Conference, Philadelphia 2006
Plus various wine tastings, weddings, and personal events.

This is the last stop for your event planning needs……. whether it’s for your personal, public, private, or corporate affairs, Ms. Anderson’s talent will have it noticed and remembered!

JO WHEELER - Brand Manager/Production

With a legacy of storytelling and knack for getting into uncanny situations, Jo Wheeler has always been able to captivate an audience. A Chicago native, Jo began her infamous tales of travel and adventure when she headed south to attend college in Atlanta, GA. During her time there, she came to lead two lives; one as a seasoned IT professional, and the other as a managing director of live music venues.

Although IT proved to be a very lucrative field, Jo tended to find more joy running some of the more popular night spots such as “Atlanta Nights,” “Dominique’s,” and “Dion’s (Sanders) Club 21,” as well as REHAB (formerly MIDWAY) in New York City’s lower east side. There, she was able to combine two of her favorite things – sports and music.

With a solid background in Broadcast Journalism, co-hosting and producing both sports and musical programs for radio stations nationally, Jo has established her ability to take charge of any given situation. Responsibilities that included maintaining a music database have also assisted with gaining a strong base knowledge that complements her career. Her professional but friendly disposition, natural leadership skills, and willingness to travel, has resulted in production opportunities in Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, Paris, and Amsterdam.


Public Relations

Sabrina Coleman grew up watching Channel 9 News in her hometown of Denver, CO. She dreamt that one day she would be watching herself on that same newscast. Sabrina always excelled in writing and creativity based classes, which lead her to the School of Communications at Howard University.

Sabrina began to use her talents daily when she moved to Los Angeles, CA, and dove head first into the entertainment industry. As a celebrity assistant, Sabrina was introduced first hand to a world which few enter. She did everything from picking up laundry for celebrities, to walking those same celebrities down the red carpet. She paid close attention to the language, and never took her position for granted.

Years later she went back to Denver to take a production position at the national television corporation, Starz Entertainment. Sabrina was an innovator right from the start. She scheduled and conducted celebrity interviews, wrote all her own scripts for her segments, and created programming the channels never imagined.

Now Sabrina wants to help others grow their businesses, their brands and their passions, while utilizing her talents and experience in the entertainment industry.

Her passion is creating “outside the box.”