Mr. Kool (SRI Project)

“There is always something special about a Mr. Kool’s performance. Whether he is crooning a classic reggae ballad from his mentor Gregory Isaacs, or belting out one of his signature songs, the silky smooth singer has a voice that commands you to listen.”

An Icon, The COOL RULER, one artist in the music industry we will never forget and always listen to! With a career stretching over 30 years, he was one of Jamaica’s most beloved vocalists. From the heady days of reggae through lovers rock, a genre he virtually invented, his talent reached into the modern age. Many have paid respect but only one has chosen to dedicate his life to honor and pay tribute to the COOL RULER

MR. KOOL! Born Trevart Tapper in Mandeville, Jamaica on January 10th, 1968, Mr. Kool has always had a passion for music. His mother was the first to recognize and encourage his talent, but it was Explosive Stars from May Pen that kick started his career. During an impromptu performance, he captivated them with his vocal dexterity. Band manager Tony Roman was impressed. He invited Mr. Kool to perform at the Capri Theatre in May Pen, where Beres Hammond, Yellowman, Tipper Lee, and Rapa Robert were scheduled to appear. Young Tapper, performing under the name ‘Tape & Cassette’, was unruffled by the challenge and delivered a flawless performance that won him rave reviews

This soulful performer keeps the memory and music alive when he emulates and portrays the energy of the COOL RULER in amazing similarity. WE will always remember the COOL RULER, and now we will never forget MR. KOOL, the artist who keeps the memory alive and still blesses us with his unique signature songs; smooth, silky, and commanding! His charismatic stage presence has left audiences in awe, and he has already developed his own legacy with spectacular performances at the famed SOB’s in Manhattan. Sharing the stage with Morgan Heritage, as well as Buju Banton at Westchester Reggaefest in 2001, has solidified his New York Fan base…. something every artist dreams about!

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