Garnet Silk Jr.

From reggae royalty rises singing sensation Garnet Smith Jr., son and namesake of the legendary reggae artist Garnet Silk. Exposed to the world of music since his birth, in Mandeville, Jamaica, Garnet Jr. is a true musical artisan. Today, he continues to walk the path of a musical legacy that is unparalleled and is, in fact, his birthright

At the tender age of 13, after years of encouragement from family and friends, Garnet Jr. fatefully entered the rhythmic realm with his first professional studio recording. Family friend and producer Lloyd “Pecus” Anderson recorded his first track, “Jah A Guide.” The song was never officially released as a single, but granted Garnet Jr. invaluable recording experience, along with his first taste of lyrical liberation.

Maturing over the years into a seasoned singer and songwriter, Garnet Jr. makes music that flows from his soul. His lyrics showcase intelligence, wit, and charm; he shares a relatable narrative of pursuing his dreams, along with his everyday life experiences. His musical styling is greatly influenced by his father, as well as other reggae luminaries such as Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Jah Cure and I-Wayne, and also the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson; they have all captured the ears of this auspicious artist, and thus, contribute to his sound. The result is a gender bending fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and reggae.

Garnet Jr. and his brother Eon “Duce Califa” Smith are currently working together under the Blu Rok Music label, which emerged from a rap collective that was created during Duce Califa’s high school years. The imprint is comprised of various other young talents who are pooling their skills to become a collaborative force to be reckoned with in music,

With his catalog produced at Blu Rok Music, Garnet Jr.’s first single “Condolences” is a hip-hop, R&B and reggae hybrid in which the connection to his artistry, especially through his delivery, is evident. His other singles “We Can Par” and “Call It Quits” are dancehall fused with R&B, and he strikes a chord on both sides of the gender aisle with these catchy, romantic odes. He also teams up with Duce Califa and Sugar Black of Black Judah (coincidentally a friend of the late Garnet Silk) for a heartfelt collaboration called “Tired Of Running.” The song contains a line from one of Garnet Silk’s tracks and pays tribute to him. Music videos for “Condolences” and “Tired Of Running” were produced on location in Jamaica, and have been on rotation on television channels at home and abroad. His latest singles include ”Lady Divine” and ”Promises,” both produced by Earl “Chinna” Smith.

In 2014, Garnet Jr. was featured on the official soundtrack of the Jamaican- Canadian independent feature film, Destiny. His original song “Eyes On The Horizon” was composed specifically for the Destiny soundtrack and was produced by famed reggae producer Clive Hunt. This coveted inclusion on a movie soundtrack is evidence of the welcoming embrace from the music industry for this blossoming entertainer.

As Garnet Jr. casts the stones for his own legacy, he also plans to study Business Administration and finesse the business skills needed to carve a niche for his gifted talents in today’s competitive music industry. His quest is nourished by unbridled support from his mother Novlyn Banton, who has every confidence in her son’s success, in music and beyond.

Realizing that his prized pedigree brings enormous responsibility, Garnet Jr. is proving to be a dynamic and talented entertainer. Through his relentless work ethic and boundless creativity, he continues to complement and strengthen his father’s legacy. Indeed, this heir to the throne is earning his right, with each beat and lyric, and brilliantly paving his own path to his very own crown.